Q-Base ltd manufactures metal working, water extendible fluids. Neat cutting lubricants, Drawing and Forming lubricants, Rust preventives, Industrial gear oils and Hydraulic lubricants.

Coolants / Synthetic Cutting fluids

The metal working fluids include:

  • High oil content soluble oils (milky emulsions)
  • Semi-synthetic lubricants as well as EP semi-synthetic coolants (translucent emulsions)
  • Synthetic coolants.
  • The water extendible coolants range is supported with a range of products including bacteriacides, fungicides, antifoams and system cleaners as is required.


The Neat cutting oils:

Oil based, cutting lubricants ranging for applications for general machining to extreme pressure applications. These products serve the engineering industries, cutting, broaching, threading, tapping etc. Q-Base can formulate a new product to meet your specific requirements.

Automotive Lubricants:

We manufacture automotive lubricants including mono and multigrade crankcase engine oil lubricants, gear and transmission oils.

“We provide after sales technical service including a condition monitoring laboratory service.”