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Q-Base LTD

Q-Base was founded in 1991 by William Sherratt as a Manufacturer of Specialised Industrial Lubricants catering to the Engineering Industry, Based in Apex Industrial Benoni. The company is managed by Vic Burger.

Q-Base ltd are blenders and can produce a product specifically to customer requirements. Q-Base does not supply to the end user and only supplies to traders, agents and major oil suppliers. We specialize in engineering products such as water extendible cutting coolants and oils.

Please contact us for assistance in selecting a product for your specific application.

Q-Base ltd is certified with ISO 9001:2015
and updates the management system to the latest accreditation.

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Q-Base LTD offers a laboratory testing monitoring service and can perform analyses on products supplied, the laboratory reports are forwarded to the customers within forty-eight hours of receiving the samples. Any results failing to meet the criteria are reported to the product manager for immediate action. This service is supplied as part of the product cost and is strongly recommended as part of a preventive maintenance process for all engineering customers.

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Development of products to meet individual
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